Elevated Solutions

Overcrowded urban roofs are our specialty! Our solar solutions allow building owners to place more solar on roofs while not disrupting any of the existing equipment. In fact, HVAC equipment and/or the entire roofing system can be serviced, repaired, or replaced without removing a single solar panel. Our experts routinely install on older roofs, eliminating the expense of replacing roofing systems as part of going solar.

Why choose our elevated rooftop solar power solutions?

Low-Impact, High-Value Systems

  • Significantly increases available area for solar panels
  • Existing roof warranties remain intact
  • Easy to service or replace rooftop equipment
  • Allows roof replacement or repair without removing solar
  • Significantly reduces rooftop surface temperatures which may increase HVAC efficiency
  • Eliminates production losses caused by rooftop equipment shading the panels

Maximize Financial Returns

  • Universal Renewables’ USA manufactured products qualifies for +10% ITC
  • Allows you to take advantage of incentives now
  • Elevated systems maximize production benefits
  • Roof replacement expenses can be deferred to a later time
  • Solar power continues to generate during service/rooftop repair
  • Lower operating costs increase property values

Instilling Trust

Universal Renewables is the only manufacturer, distributer, and installer of elevated rooftop solar solutions — globally. We deliver custom American-manufactured  solutions to commercial, industrial and government clients. Our innovative, patented UL-2703 equipment is delivered with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty.

A Company You Can Trust

  • American manufactured, locally based
  • Innovative patented designs
  • 20-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Roof warranties remain intact